Wednesday, June 16, 2010

26 BIG ones!!!

Its Tyler's birthday tomorrow!

Baby, I love you so much! And you probably won't read this but I am going to type it anyway. You are such a great husband and daddy. I know this year we won't really get to do much for your birthday because you are so busy this summer working hard. And I know you keep telling me you don't want anything for your birthday. I want you to know that I would give you the world. I appreciate everything you do for Lucy and I. I know everything you do is for us. And though we can't spend your day with you (because of work) we will be celebrating all day that you are in our lives! We love you so much!!


Kayla Conover said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER!!! Hope you guys have a fun day. Love all the pictures of you and Lucy those are so cute.

Liz said...

what a hot momma! happy birthday tyler!

Nicki Craven said...

bonnie your hair looks so gorgeous dark! i love it. happy bday tyler. lucy is growing up to be such a pretty little thing.