Monday, August 17, 2009

Bannock County Fair

Or should I say "White Trash Fest"? Man... I was warned by a few people, including the ones that we went with (Steve and Michelle) this was no Lynden Fair. Boy were they right! We decided to make the best of it anyway, why not? at least it didn't cost anything to get in.
We started off my watching some "mutten busting" for those of you who don't know what that is (because I didn't) it is basically little, and i mean little, kids riding sheep. trying to see how long they can stay on. It was pretty entertaining. I dont think we will be entering Lucy in any time soon though. After that Steve decided to enter himself into the Mens Pie Eating contest. Tyler was going to enter in too, but once he looked at those pies, he said NO WAY! These were HUGE Costco Chocolate Moose Pies. So sick! And to watch these guys just stuff their faces was disgusting! As you can tell from the videos, Steve wasn't really in it to win. Andrew and Trevor even joined in. But hey! A free pie ain't bad!! So they had dessert for later.
We all entered in the Root Beer chugging contest, but Trevor and Andrew were the only brave ones. Andrew was close to winning, and Trevor preferred to sip his root beer slowly. lol.
I did however get my funnel cake that I went there for. All in all I think It was great entertainment when you have nothing else to do on a Saturday night! Oh the Joys of Pocatello Idaho! Here are some pics for you all to enjoy! PS.. Thanks Harrison's for humoring us for the night :)


Kayla Conover said...

Looks like you guys had fun! That pie eating thing looks totally disgusting though.

Steve n' Michelle said...

Go white trash!! What a fun time...that guy eating the pie just looked absolutely gross! Hey, we had to entertain ourselves somehow. To bad we didn't get to see the greased pole climb???? EEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!