Friday, August 7, 2009


Do you ever get super annoyed with the little things that your husband does? Like stupid things? Well I sure do. But he cant help it... I have decided that the things he does are just him. Its not going to change so I need to just realize that I love him no matter what. But yesterday, BOY I threw a couple of big fits. It felt like we fought about EVERYTHING under the sun. It ended up boiling down to the fact that I do a lot for him to show him that I love him. He comes home to a clean house, I am always there at 6 when he has his dinner break with a hot plate of food, I do the dishes, I make sure that he always has something in the house to snack on, I take care of our daughter all day long everyday. I never complain that he is gone all the time anymore. I have always been supportive of everything. Heck, I moved away from everybody and everything I ever knew for us. And then did it again, no questions asked. And all I ask for in return is some flowers once in a while. Suprize me with a movie and chocolates every once in a while. Something to show that you were thinking of me that day. Everything I do everyday is always for him. I love him so much and I just hope that he knows that.
So I asked him last night after he got home what he thinks that I do to show him that I love him... and he named all of those things. So I was glad that he actually recognized the things I was doing. I know that Tyler is so busy and thats okay. But in the times like this where he has no school, and has no homework, I didn't think it was too much to ask to help out a little. So needless to say I let him in on a few of my thoughts yesterday, and I think it is something that we need to do as a couple. In order for our marriage to work I need to have those moments where I blow up and cry, so he knows how important these simple things are to me. If I am wrong, and any of you disagree than please keep your comments to yourself, but if you agree and have the same feelings, please do comment so that I know I am not just NEEDY wife, and whining for no reason. lol.

Anyway, Tyler came home at 10:30 last night with a little "I Love You" gift. It was so thoughtful.
Now if he can only do it when we are not fighting..... haha. Tyler I love you so much. I give my whole self to you every day of my life and the best thing I ever did was marry you. Thank You for being such a wonderful Husband. Neither of us are perfect, and I know this. I look forward to many more years together. Thank you for staying with me even though sometimes I can get a little Crazy on you! Together Forever <3



Soren and Sandy said...

Lol, i think it's a girl thing to need to release our emotions once in a while. And for guys it's always harder for them to show their appreciation. Even though they do appreciate us. I pretty much have to tell soren to go get me flowers, so see, it's just guys and girls lol.

Annelise Woodward said...

I love you Bonnie. :-)
I feel the same way at times.. its always the little things, but I agree with your friend.. its totally a girl thing. I'm pretty sure every girl does it and needs to do it once in a while. Its good that you have a husband you love so much who loves you back. I really miss seeing you guys all the time. Were lonely without you. :-) I miss my Bonnie and Lucy. Life isn't the same without you.

Kayla Conover said...

Dane is back :) !!! How is he? Did he call you?