Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sat June 20th

We started our day out spending Tyler's gift card from his Mom, And he got three new shirts for work! The first one is a black short sleeve polo, the other two are long sleeved button ups. Thanks Carolyn/Mom!!

and then we stopped at Coldstone for Tyler's free birthday treat! Told ya his birthday would last all weekend!

Then the fun ended. We came home and did 3 BIG loads of dishes!! This is a result of a Lazy Friday.

Saturdays are Tyler's night to attempt cooking. After locking ourselves out of our Apartment, and getting back in, I helped him through making onion rings. They turned out pretty well!
I tell you, If i never cut another onion in my life it wont be enough. I hate these things! I was crying black tears!
All in all, a pretty good day, minus the being locked out part... not so fun.


Liz said...

yummy! i love onions, but they always seem to make me cry majorly too. sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! i'm sure tyler looks very handsome in his new shirts. yay for new clothes!

carolyn said...

That was too funny about the onions. I hate cutting onions. I'm glad you had a fun weekend. You must be enjoying the camera.