Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Birthday Cake

Here is his cake that Lucy and I made him. I was pretty impressed. I put all of his favorite candies on it, (swedish fish, sour straws, and heath candy bar) and it was very tasty! He even said so which is saying a lot because he doesn't like cake, (we had ice cream cake at our wedding). But when he got home at 9:30 tonight we sang and he blew all 25 candles out!! Happy Birthday Babe!!



Steve n' Michelle said...

Happy Happy Birthday Tyler!!! Sorry that you had to work on you B-day, but at least you came home to an awsome cake! Great job Bonnie...and very creative. Man your old Tyler!! :)

Shanna said...

Happy late Birthday Tyler!
From the Yorkers!

BJ said...

Nice job on the cake!

carolyn said...

We loved the video. Tyler you crack Cody and your mom up. So... funny!! Bonnie your a good wife to make Ty's day so... special.