Saturday, June 6, 2009


       Lucy with stuffed cheeks, full of pulled pork. Mmmmm..... so good!
My dinner, Pulled BBQ Pork and Loaded Mashed potatoes, but half of it went in Lucy's tummy:)
Tyler had Ribs and rolls... lots of rolls... yummy!
This is Lucy's chocolate Milk... can you guess where we went?
We celebrated Tyler's birthday early because he starts work on Monday, and he wont have much time for anything for the next 7 weeks while he is training, so we celebrated his birthday tonight. He also got a new pair of shoes, and a new BillaBong T-shirt, and of course this nice Skagen Watch that he has been begging me for! I love making him happy!! Happy Pre- Birthday baby!! I love you!

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Liz said...

that food looks so yummy! happy almost birthday tyler!