Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Lucy update.

What a Day! I mean this was a pretty bad day all around for Lucy and I.
We woke up early, 5am, to head for Salt Lake. I figured it would be less hassle than trying to stay the night somewhere, and getting up early anyway. So We got to the University Hospital around 730, which mean we had a half hour to spare, which was good because neither of us had eaten anything. Don't think I'm a horrible parent because I didn't feed my child... I tried. She just wont eat that early in the morning. I don't blame her, because I get sick if I do too. So anyway. So we sat in the can and ate some grapes, and crackers.
When 8 finally came we went inside. when we got into the Doctor's office, Bernadette, who is Dr. Bonsack's assistant, she is the one who examines the patients and diagnoses them. As she was feeling around her joints and checking her breathing, Lucy was not too sure. She cries when any Dr. or strange person enters the room at an office. She knows what is coming. Then she diagnosed Lucy, and then talked to me about the possible treatments and such, and what the side effects of the medicines would be, and all the different kinds of Arthritis and what Lucy has. Then Dr. Bonsack came in and he just sat on the floor with Lucy, got down on her level. And would you know it, Lucy LOVED him!! He was even touching her knees, and toes, and feeling her neck... Lucy just thought it was hilarious! She thought he was the funniest thing! So that was a huge comfort to me. So here is the diagnosis:

She has Poly-Articular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. What a name huh? Poly, meaning she has Arthritis in more than 5 joints. As far as they could see, she had it in pretty much all of her body. It spread to her whole body in a matter of 6 months! From her ankles to her knees, to her elbows to her wrists all the way through her fingers, and even in her neck. This was pretty shocking for me as her mother. So since it is so severe they are gonna go in strong with Medication. She will be taking two different medications.
The first one is Naproxin. This acts just like Motrin or Advil. it's just stronger and lasts longer so I will only have to give it to her twice a day. (3ml twice a day) This will essentially calm down the inflammation, and help with the pain. (She has only had one dose so far, and I can already see an improvement!)
The other one is called Methotrexate. They compares this one to chemotherapy. Are you freaking out yet? I was! Well it acts like chemo but it is not going to be as strong because she doesn't have Cancer, and she is getting a TINY dose only once a week (.2ml) But here is the bad part, I have to inject it into her with a needle once a week. :-( Yes, I am very nervous about it. There could be some side effects with this one. Hair loss, mouth soars, nausia, loss of appetite, but they told me that only 1 in 10 children experience them, so Lucy could be in the lucky 9. Only time will tell. We haven't done the injection yet, I am going to do it tomorrow with my cousin, Christine, since she knows how to do it.
SO this is a lot to take in, I know. But I am so grateful to finally have a solution, so that my baby can get better and walking!
That's pretty much all I can think of right now. If you have any questions, please comment, and I will try and answer them. Thanks for all of the prayers and support. We sure love all of you!
PS, we ran out of gas, and had no money, and we were saved by Mr. John Hoyt Jr. and then Lucy got sick with something last night and threw up about 5 times. But she is better now. WE are all just glad that yesterday is over! (she is fine now)


Steve n' Michelle said...

Bonnie we are sorry for all that you have been through and dven more sorry that we were not here to support you. You know you guys are in our prayers and we will see you (hopefully) in a few days. Take care,
Michelle and Steve

Bonnie said...

hey don't you guys worry about us. We will be okay, get your baby well, and come back home! Love you!

Piper_and_us said...

So sorry to hear about your rotten/rough day. I am glad they finally have the diagnosis and treatment to help her feel better. I know it is no fun as a mother when your baby is in pain.
Just one question, the second medication. Is that to stop the spread of the arthritis or for some other reason?

Joseph and Katie said...

oh bonnie- this sounds sooo hard! i really hope this medicine helps! you guys are in our prayers!

Woodrich Family said...

Bonnie, you are so strong! I am so glad that you are finally able to know what is going on and how to fix go about making it better. Love you bunches!