Friday, April 17, 2009

New Home.

So our new apartment has a lot to offer. I think that we will be happy with it. These are all of the good points:

1. full time maintanance staff (which we have never had)
2. Bigger living room
3. new carpet (dark color is favorable with a youngin')
4. More cupboards in the kitchen
5. BIG storage closet (big enough for a small bedroom!)
6. Linen closet outside of the bathroom (no more annoying metal shelf behind the toilet!!!)
7. Our room is bigger
9. All utilities included in rent (which is still $200 cheaper than what we pay now)
10. fenced in playground outside!
11. NO SMOKING anywhere within 30 feet of complex!! yay!!
12. oh, one more storage closet/coat closet I forgot to mention
13. New refridgerator
14. WE LOVE OUR MANAGER!! (which is a first)

Now for the not so good points, but still okay :-)

1. Its pretty old... has the old heating system (hate those things on the walls)
2. smaller bathroom (only one single plug in, in the whole bathroom!)
3. No real dining area (still trying to figure out where the table will fit??)
4. Tyler will still have to drive to work and school... it is 3-4 miles away from both.
5. We will have to do our laundry in the onsite facility... instead of in our apartment :-(
6. We will have to pay for our own Cable and Internet.

So all in all I think we are getting a good deal. This will help us save some money. We are so happy that we found this place, what a blessing! It doesn't look like much, but we will make it our home. Feel free to visit anytime!! We will have some family and friends that live nearby, so that will be awesome for support. Steve and Michelle, we are so excited to get to play with you guys all the time! Hopefully you will take care of us like my parents did for you, haha... jk! ALl that is left to do now is pack! We are going to rent a Uhaul... and load it up on the 28th, then move down on the 29th, and unload. And then we will clean our old apt on the 30th. So anyone who would be willing to help, it would be appreciated! Thanks everyone!

oh.. and our new address is 1020 Mckinley Ave. #25 Pocatello, ID 83205


Liz said...

well, sounds like you're ready to start your new adventure! i'm glad the apartment is going to be a good fit for you guys. good luck with the moving and everything. we wish we could be there to help ya out.

BJ said...

wanna know something crazy? those apartments/condos right on the corner of Mckinley and Alameda is Where Grandma used to live!

The Haas Fam said...

i know! My dad told me that