Saturday, April 25, 2009


So we went to this HUGE bonfire tonight. Really thought it was just gonna be a few married couples. But like 50 single college students showed up too! They built the biggest fire I have ever seen. All I can say is, I am so glad I am not single anymore, and that I married someone with BRAINS! Holy smokes. They were like throwing gas bottles into the fire, making it explode, and all sorts of stupid stuff. Lucy loved all of it! She basically just chilled most of the time watching the action.

I am grateful we had our own little fire to enjoy. So we had the fires in the middle of the sand dunes, there are tons of huge hills that people just go and do crazy things with their trucks. So Tyler and I went for a ride with our friend in his humongous truck, and drove up the steepest hill ever! and then drove down. It seriously was the scariest feeling... like the roller-coaster Tremmers... yeah. Freaky!  I am sure Tyler will wake up with a huge bruise on his leg from my death grip. Don't worry, Lucy didn't ride with us. 

It was such a fun night though. I am surely going to miss the Burg. 

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Steve n' Michelle said...

Sure hope Lucy got some good sleep after swigging down that Mountain Dew. Who needs milk and juice when you drink something that's juiced.