Friday, May 3, 2013

Pictures from April...

This blog is pretty much just for the whole month of April. I am a pregnant woman and I have 2 kids... I have no time for blogging!! JK. well I know there is family who reads these and like to see pics of these cute kids of ours. So here ya go!

We have been spending a lot of time outside! I love where we live. AND we just got got some awesome new neighbors who like to play with us outside too!

My little Lucy is always so cute! I love taking her picture before heading to church. Grandma Haas bought her this adorable outfit.

One of our favorite places to eat as of late... Buffalo Wild Wings.

And we cut Jake's hair for the summer. it doesn't look that long in these pictures, but seriously... it needed to be cut!

And here he is... HANDSOME as ever! Don't look too close though. I am probably going to be cutting stray hairs for the next few weeks.

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