Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chrome In The Dome

The other night we went to a car show here in Pocatello. there were some pretty awesome and old cars. There were also some not so awesome and not so old cars haha. We got to cast votes for our favorites. 
Lucy voted for a Purple car but I didn't get a picture of hers. Here she is standing next to this BMW, it was so tiny we had to get her next to it to compare. Apparently there are less than 1,000 of them left in the world. Crazy!!

This one was my favorite... Perywinkle... DUH!! It was pretty sweet looking

This one was Tyler's favorite, he also voted on a motorcycle. There were some cool bikes that I know my Dad would have loved!

We had fun, and we met up with Our friends, the Dutchers. Thanks guys for stopping in on your way to Salt Lake!

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