Saturday, March 9, 2013

22 Weeks

hard to believe I am over half way there. He is starting to move a lot more, but still can't feel it on the outside. Hopefully in the next few weeks. It seems when I put my hand on my belly he just stops moving. Its always more fun when Daddy can enjoy it with you. I am going to really start growing now. I was looking back to when I was pregnant with jake and how huge I was at the end... why didn't anyone tell me?! I am not looking forward to that. But it will be worth it right?? I am excited to meet this little guy.


Idaho Reids said...

youre such a cute lil pregnant lady! :) so excited for you! :)

amber malmberg said...

Totally worth it Bonnie! I think that there are so many women who have struggled getting pregnant, or who can't entirely, that ache at the sound of people complaining about the "sacrifices" we make. Pregnancy is hard, and is a sacrifice, but COMPLETELY WORTH IT! Congratulations on the news of having another boy by the way! Can't wait to see his newborn pictures!