Friday, November 23, 2012

Stats for the kiddos!

On Wednesday both kids had their doctors apts. Lucy did really awesome. Jake on the other hand, poor guy. he had to have 3 shots, and had no nap all day long! So he was a trooper.

Lucy's 5 yr old stats::

Weight: 34 lbs. - 13%
Height: 42 3/4 - 57%
BP: 84/58

She is still tall and skinny! She is doing really well developmentally, and she is just a smart little girl! She only had to get one shot. She couldn't get the chicken pock and MMR immunizations because she is not allowed to have live virus shots while she is on her Enbrel. She was a champ!!

Jake's 1 yr old stats::

Weight: 23 lbs 7oz - 59%
Height: 29 1/2 - 40%
Head Circ: 18 1/2 - 67%

He is also going right along with his growth chart! He isn't quite as tall as Lucy was at this age. he has been walking since 9 months, he is doing all the things a 1 yr old should be doing! My kiddos are both doing well and I am such a proud mama. Jake hated his 3 shots... but who can blame him?

I cannot be more grateful for our pediatrician... he is the best!

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