Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lucy's Birthday

Lucy requested chocolate chip waffles for her breakfast, so that is what she got!

Notice her little friends. Normally there are no toys allowed on the table, but hey, its her birthday!

Today we drove down to Idaho Falls and met some friends for lunch. Lucy played a ton. Then we went shopping. Lucy picked out a few things, 4 more ponies, and a new dress!

The sunset driving home was gorgeous! I had to take a picture.

Just wanted to take a picture of Lucy and ALL the ponies she got for her birthday this year. HOLY COW!

And no... she does NOT have them all. there are still 3 missing from her collection. Haha... But she loves them like they were her own children.

All in all I think the birthdays were a success, The kids were spoiled, and very Loved. Thanks to everyone!

OH... and let me not forget one more time to wish my beautiful Sister, Liz, a HAPPY HAPPY birthday as well!

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