Monday, October 18, 2010


So we just got back from the worst Opthamologist visit ever. Lucy was not having any of it! She cried and screamed, and kicked her little legs. She hated the dialation drops, and she hated having someone shine lights into her eyes. Tyler had to be the one to hold her still, and I just sat back and felt sorry for her. It was so hard! No mother likes to hear her child cry like that.
Well she has a stigmitism and her left eye is crossing over. So in a few months he did say that she will have to undergo surgery to correct it, and wear glasses probably for the rest of her life. The surgery is just an outpatient surgery, and he will be the one performing it. In and out the same day. It will take about a month to get her perscription glasses, and he wants to see her back after a week of wearing them. The GOOD NEWS is that this is in NO WAY related to her arthritis! He said they are completely unrelated and he doesn't see any signs of her disease affecting her eyes yet. So we were happy about that. This is something that is genetic and most likely she inherited from Tyler. Since he had the same kinda thing as a kid. So we will keep you updated when necessary! And be Prepared for an EVEN CUTER Lucy!

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Steve n' Michelle said...

Oh, she will look adorable. Let's hope that she loves them as much and wants to keep them on! Whenever you want to get together is cool with us. Life has been a little crazy...Steve just got back from Albuquerque and I just got put in as YW pres. AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!