Friday, April 30, 2010

SO I'm Behind...Don't have a COW

Lately this is Lucy's favorite place to be. She is now strong enough to hold herself up to look outside. At least on rainy days. Sunny days we are usually out in it.

This is our storage unit. And if it doesn't look like much its because, it isn't. (8 x 10)

This is Lucy pimpin' out with all my old clothes we were going through...

And Michelle's Lovely sister made Lucy and I matching aprons! Aren't they adorable?? Thanks Nicole and Michelle!!

That will probably be it till Chicago... We will be leaving this Friday the 7th, and hopefully getting there on Saturday night the 8th. Pray for safe weather and driving. I may post some videos, but no more pics. Hope everyone has a good week!!

PS: Thanks to my BFF Michelle for helping us with everything, you are an amazing friend!


Shanna said...

Cute pic of you and Lucy in your aprons.

Idaho Reids said...

oh matching aprons is such an amazingly cute idea!!! good luck with the move i hope it all goes well1 :)

Michelle said...

Bonnie, I just wish you had internet so you could post some pictures of your new place. Plus if you had internet we could skype. PLUS you wouldn't be so bored all the time :( Anywho I sure miss you. I guess I will call you tomorrow. Even though you wont' get this until Friday!