Saturday, April 3, 2010


So! Most of you don't know, but Tyler and I have been watching this family on Youtube for over a year now. This guy, Shay Carl, use to be a DJ on Pocatello's local radio station and he got invited to be a partner on Youtube and get paid for making silly videos. This family is LDS and they are so much fun! I love watching them. He made a goal to make a video EVERY day for a year. It's basically their life on the internet. They video random things throughout the day. And he actually has two other channels. One he does staged videos, and the other one is about his journey while losing weight and getting healthy. So I watched his videos every night. I kinda feel like I know them for real. Its silly, but I felt like he was a celebrity. He is the most watched Youtuber right now. He gets hundreds of thousands views on all of his videos from all around the world. Their family is awesome, and I love how they raise their kids, and how playful and in love they still are with each other. Well, today Michelle and I went to lunch at our favorite place, which happens to be their favorite place, and guess what!!!

THEY WERE THERE!!! After a YEAR, we finally ran into them!

Left to right: (they call them "tard" names to hide their real names from the public) Sontard, Mommytard, Fetustard (in Mommytard's belly!) Mommytard, Shaycarl, Princesstard, and ME!

So if you haven't heard of them, I posted links to a few of my favorite videos. But I recommend you find him and watch his vlogs! AHH!! 3rd best day of my LIFE!!!!


Michelle said...

Best day of my life so far :)

Liz said...

i really don't get it. sorry. :(

Lauren said...

thats so awesome !

I just watched that vlog! I live in Western Australia and love the shaytards!!

Steve n' Michelle said...

I've met him. He is or used to be the evening/late night DJ for 103.3 in Blackfoot. We went up there for a tour for Young Men's. I've also seen the water cooler video a long time ago. One of our Young Men showed it to me.


Maria Lugo said...

Woooowww you are so luckyyY!
I've been watching their videos for over a year as well and I feel like I already know them too :D
I've been wanting to meet them in real life but I live to far away :(
They are just sooooo fuuun!!
Which restaurant was that? Maybe I could get lucky too :)