Thursday, February 18, 2010

The gym

This is totally how I feel right now. But I have committed myself FINALLY to getting healthier. I wen to the ISU gym last night And ran 3 whole laps! Each lap took me like 3 minutes and then I walked a lap in between to pace myself. So I did a total of 6 laps. At christmas I couldnt even run for 90sec straight. I was so proud of myself! And I felt great. After I ran I went on worked on the weight equipment for 30 minutes. And I hope to soon feel a little less like Homer, and more like this chick!

The only thing with going to ISU gym is that I have to get a spouse card. which is only $30 a semester, that is not bad considering every other gym charges you like $80 a month. But I don't have a spouse card yet. And until I get one I have to pay $7 per day that I go. UGh.... So Tax return, please hurry and get here so I can go to the gym! I am SOOO motivated right now! But Tyler is not so much. He is more focusing on his eating than exercising, I wish he was as motivated as me, but I guess this i will have to do on my own. My mom is my inspiration!


Steve n' Michelle said...

You go girl!! You can do it.

Piper_and_us said...

Good for you Bonnie, I wish I felt better and I would work out as well. I hear exercise is supposed to help. They do kind of have the same option here except even students have to pay a membership fee to the apple athletic club. I have thought about it but don't know what to do with Piper while I go to the gym.