Monday, February 1, 2010

Camera and Privacy

I bought a new camera off of Craigslist this last Saturday, because I thought I had lost mine at Christmas time with all the traveling. We looked everywhere for it! I mean everywhere, I hated not having one, so I found one for pretty cheap, that was almost the same.
today Lucy was playing in her bedroom and came out to the livingroom carrying my old camera! I was so excited, yet upset at the same time! I still have no idea where it was this whole month, but now it is back. So I am selling the one I just It was nice, but I love MY camera.

So here are all of the pictures and videos that were taken at Christmas with my family. We have also set our blog to private due to me having pictures and videos of kidlets that are not mine. So to respect the privacy of friends and family, we went private. Enjoy!

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