Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Lover,


I have been Married to my BEST Friend for 3 Years tomorrow. Everyday I love him more. He is hardworking, loving, kind, gentle, calm, smart, handsome, and the list goes on. This man has the most gentle heart of anyone I know. He would do anything for anyone.
When I met him (really met him) in Oct of 2006 I never dreamed that we would be Sealed in the Temple for time and all Eternity. But that first kiss sent shock waves through both of us. We knew from that moment, when we looked in each other's eyes, that we were meant to be Best friends Forever.
He is the Father of my Child. And a dang good one at that. He loves Lucy so much and I see it everyday. He teaches her new things, and listens to her, and plays with her. Someday she will grow up to be as smart as her Daddy.
Tyler's love is unconditional. I see it in the way he loves his family. He has a non-judgemental heart. He accepts people for who they are. He sees the good in everyone. He is so spiritual. No matter what the Lord tells him, no matter how crazy everyone else thinks he is, he listens. He is so intune with the Spirit, it is undeniable. His Faith is amazing.
Tyler, I love you with my whole Heart. You Amaze me. We have come so far and been through so much in the last 3 years, I am excited to see where our journey will lead us. I am so proud of who you are and everything you have accomplished. I could never describe my appreciation for you in words. I would not be who I am today without you. You are my greatest support, the best shoulder to cry on. Money means nothing to me as long as I have you. Know that I am here for you forever and always. I will never give up. YOU are my WORLD. I love my life, and I love You. Plus- "you are hot as Hell" ;)
Happy 3rd Anniversary Baby!


Annelise and Boyd said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Steve n' Michelle said...

We love you guys! Here are to many more years for you guys filled with lots of happiness.

Michelle said...

Hahaha that was sweet! Happy Anniversary... am I a little late? ahaha sorry...