Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine's Bows

Well I have been feeling like a bum. And this is how I get myself to feel productive. Tyler is even excited about it all. His response was "Bonnie! You could sell these, I could make you a web sight!" - yeah, right. Haha.. I can't sell these, because they are too easy to make. Anyone can make them. Liz originally taught me how to make them, but I have experimented a little more. So here is what I did tonight:

Valentines bows! The Green ones are my favorite.

This is just a fake flower that I made into a clip.

This one is made out of wired ribbon, I just made it into a flower, then glued it to a clip. Cute, huh?

LOL.... this is the reason I do not post pictures of myself on the blog. What an idiot! But notice the flower.... really that is why I put this one on here... haha!

Anyway. hopefully I can start to love to do projects. I have been at the table making these and Ty is doing his homework. I guess I have been talking to myself without knowing it because Tyler says, "You are just like your Mom!" haha... well I am okay with that. My Mom is one talented lady and I love her :)


Liz said...

cute cute cute! i love the ones you made for yourself! doesn't it feel good to create? :)

Steve n' Michelle said...

They look awsome Bonnie! Good for you. We really need to get together...when shaelynn isn't hacking anymore, I'll call ya!

Bonnie said...

Yeah... we are all hacking too.

Jamie said...

I think your mom is pretty creative too! Plus I thought I would let you know that talking to yourself is a sign of intelligence... it's when you start answering yourself that you should be concerned! :)

Rach said...

woohoo! cute hair stuff is so fun. and im slightly jealous your girl has hair to have clips...pretty sure lily is going to have no hair the rest of her life:) maybe when it grows in I'll buy her one....for prom.