Saturday, January 23, 2010


I still can't find my camera so I had to take this picture with the computer. its backwards... but you still get the idea.

This is what I made at Super Saturday today!

I love it! I haven't figured out where I am going to hang it yet, but when I do I will take a picture.
I had so much fun today. I got to know a few more ladies in Relief Society, and even more of my neighbors! Seriously. We have been living here since May, and we have never met our neighbors that live above us, they are even in our ward! So today we chatted. Hopefully we can become good friends. Anyway, I am so glad that I went. We are so lucky to be members of this church, that we have oppertunities like this to get out and have fun, meet new people. It feels so good to get out. I feel like we have been homebodies forever now. This year is going to be a good one, I think.

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Josh and Katie Keil said...

Super Cute! How'd you do it? I LOVE IT!