Sunday, January 10, 2010


We watched this super scary movie last night. I am not going to say what it was, because I don't want any judgement. But i will tell you this, I have learned my lesson. This movie was not only scary, and sorta true, but it was also about Evil Demons that can possess or follow people. Now I know there are stories that people have told of this happening to them. I have also watched a bunch of documentaries, because I love this kind of stuff. like I LOVE scary movies. I love to be scared, and then cuddled. hee hee. But the movie that we watched last night was EVIL! I seriously felt an evil presence for like 3 hours after it was over. I was so freaked. what if something like that happens to me.
So because it hit me so hard Tyler got out the Scriptures and read me a few verses. I felt a little better knowing that if anything did happen, I have God on my side, and together we are stronger than any Demon. So I think in part of our New Years resolution of going to church, we shall refrain from watching movies that are rated R. I don't know how or when it started, but we have become numb to them. no more! So I said a little prayer, and asked for comfort as I slept, that no Demon would come try and take over my body, or breathe down my neck, and I fell asleep.
Then we woke up and went to church! And it was soooo great. I love that in Relief Society and Priesthood they are going back to teaching the basics. Today's lesson was so good! I was sorta emotional, probably because of my life changing night I had. But none the less, Ty and I kind of Lost ourselves last year. With Lucy being sick, and not being able to have her in church, and us being Lazy, things just sorta became less important. Like God and Church. I'm so sorry. But that is the truth. But we are back. And I am so glad.


Woodrich Family said...

A few years ago I decided that I needed to stop with the rated R movies, too. LeRoy still does but I just go to bed. I know that it's worth it. The other night a friend from our ward kind of invited us to some vampire movie, but warned me first that it was rated R so she would understand if I didn't go. I was tempted, but held strong. Another friend of mine told me that it would get easier. So, I pass along her word that as you continue to make good choices (not watching bad movies and choosing to go to church) that it will become less of a choice and more of a habit. You're awesome!

Steve n' Michelle said...

Sorry that happened guys. About a month ago, my younger brother watched Paranormal Activity and had a simular situation. He was scared out of his mind...couldn't sleep, was petrified of driving at night. He had a couple of priesthood blessings and was talked to about Satan and how powerful he is, but then on the flip side that we can use the priesthood to cast him away. I think that it was a really big eye opener for him too, and he won't be watching any scary movies either. I'm glad that you added that to your resolutions. Love you guys!

Bonnie said...

Michelle... the movie we watched was Paranormal Activity.

Liz said...

i've always pretty much been anti r rated movies, as you know. anytime i did decide to watch one it just left me feeling really crummy and offended. i've had a few people try to justify watching these movies by saying well it's only rated r because of this, or this. like those things really aren't that bad? i choose not to watch them, but if others want to then i guess that's their choice, but i'll have the better feeling inside. :)