Monday, September 7, 2009

What did you do on Labor Day??

We Played!!!

Just ignore all of the loud people, aka... kids.


Steve n' Michelle said...

Wow, lots of posts since I have checked! It looks like you guys have been keeping busy. Did you check out the Steelers and Titons game was pretty good. I don't choose to watch it, but if it is a close game, I don't complain too much!!

Bonnie said...

do you guys have cable?? If so i think we will be inviting ourselves over for big football games, haha!! Tyler had a hard time trying to keep up with it online :) Titans are his FAVORITE team... so he was pretty bummed last night!

Steve n' Michelle said...

No, just the basic channels that come in with the "box." Sorry, but we can still attempt to watch the games that come in on those channels! There are usually a few.