Monday, September 7, 2009

Football Mama

You guessed it! Football season has officially started. This is the time of year that I hate, because I don't see my husband till its over. But this year i decided it might be better if I try and learn what the game is all about. Instead of me being jealous that he loves football more than me, I could join him... and watch the games with him, and maybe my whole outlook on the sport will be different. So we watched the first UW game together! And I didn't have a bad time! i actually enjoyed watching it, plus I got to spend time with my wonderful husband doing something that he loves to do! So I am a football wife now....

Complete with snack foods galore!!
And I had to show you the onion rings we made last night. They were scrumptious! (Much better than the last ones!)


Woodrich Family said...

Hooray for football season!! My favorite time of year!!

HandsomeRob said...

I feel your pain. My husband is out hunting for over a week. And we can't even barely call eachother because hunting is serious business. Everything must be absolutely quiet. And this is one sport I have ZERO interest in joining. He invited me to, but I told him I would yell at Bambie to run, so he said I better stay home. For me, it means LADIES NIGHT OUT! WOHOOO!
(Amber Malmberg)

Annelise Woodward said...

Thats awesome Bon! I have liked football for years but did start to find it annoying when it was always on and my husband would never listening to me when I tried to talk to him because of it. You know that of course. lol!
That's why I've done everything I can to enjoy it.
Crazy thing is.. Boyd worked all night last night and I watched the Steelers vs Titans game by myself. lol!
I'm glad you guys are having fun together!
Miss you!

Jeff and Stacey said...