Monday, September 14, 2009

Look Mom, NO FEET!

So when I was a little Tyke like Lucy, My mom would cut the feet out of my Pjs to make them last longer. I remember seeing pictures. Tonight I told lucy to go into her room and bring me some Pjs. She walked out with the ones that were in the DI pile because they are too small. Well she refused to go get another pair and threw a fit. She wanted these specific ones! So I got the scissors and cut the feet out of them. And then I had to take pictures! I couldn't believe how much she reminded me of me. Mom.. if you can find the picture from Christmas with me in those yellow PJs with the feet cut out... let me know!

So cute!

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Steve n' Michelle said...

So cute! You definitely need to find the picture of you and post it next to hers. AND I LOVE THE HAIR. Mine is getting to the "I need to cut it again stage" because all I can do with it is pull it up!!!!! I like how it looks on you.