Friday, February 22, 2013

15 Months

this is more for my records

Here are Jake's stats at 15 months::

weight: 23lbs 11oz - 38%
Height: 30 1/2'' - 30%
Head circ.: 18 1/2'' - 44%

Says "uh oh" and "woah" understands everything, and can communicate really well without talking. I am not bothered by the no talking yet. He is just cute cute!
He is eating pretty much all table foods. He is climbing, clapping ( he loves patty cake) Can climb up and down the stairs. He loves to play with his sister, anything she has, he needs to have. She is the only one who can make him laugh really hard.

Jake is such a crack up these days, he has a funny personality can't wait for what is to come

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