Friday, June 22, 2012

Headed home

We were able to stop in and eat at Uncle Doug's restaurant on our way home. He is the head Chef at Arnie's  in Mukilteo, WA. It seriously is the BEST seafood I have ever had!

 And it has the best view overlooking the ocean!

You know it is good when I think calamari is delicious! LOL....

Jake had his first taste of lemon...

A bit sour?

Vacation is always a nice break from the norm. And we don't get to see family very often so it was a ton of fun. But we are glad to be home and back to our daily routine. Tyler and I had lots of time to talk about life and new goals for our family on the car trip home. So in a way I feel very renewed! I have already put myself out of my comfort zone and went to a ward BBQ without Tyler. And I met some new people. In fact one of the couples lives in our apartment complex and she has a little girl Lucy's age. we walked to the park this morning together and had lunch!

Thanks everyone for such a fun trip home. A special thanks to Grandma Haas for giving up her home for a few days! We miss you all already!

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Andrea said...

Glad you had a good time. I saw you from a distance and Conference but never got a chance to say hi!
Jake looks so much like you!
That calamari looks delicious!!