Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning

Here are the pics from the morning of Easter. Sorry the first ones are kinda dark... these were taken with my phone... 

Lucy is always cold in the morning, thats why she looks like an Eskimo!

She was so excited about her Repunzel Barbie :)

She also got Repunzel bedding. (I am happy to be moving out of the DORA phase)

Couldn't resist... Here is Jake,

And here is Lucy 4 years ago... too funny!

 The kids before church.

Jake during church... lol

After church we went to a park to take pictures. We didn't have anyone there with us, so there is not a full family one.

Dinner is in an hour, and we have Ty's family coming!!! Happy Easter everyone!!


Katelyn Haas said...

now those are the cutest pictures!! love it! :)thanks for having us over!

Shalyce said...

Cute little family! xo

kayla said...

Lucy is your clone that is crazy. So cute!! Love the old picture of Lucy it is crazy how fast time goes by.

Mica said...

Lucy is such a doll!!!