Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mixed feelings

First of all sorry about the lack of pictures. Apparently Mac and flash player have some sort of feud and you pretty much need flash for everything photo related. At least that is what I have been told. If you know how I can get around this... Please let me know.
Second, we are going in for our 20 week ultrasound tomorrow morning. I have all sorts of mixed feelings about this. Of course I am so excited to find out if we are going to have another girl or a fun little boy. But this also brings back lots of fears for Tyler and I because this this the day 4 years ago that we found out that Lucy would be born with a diaphragmatic hernia and would need to be in the hospital and have surgery soon after birth. I feel that things will be fine since for us, they usually always turn out okay. We have had to deal with a lot with Lucy, but we would not give her up for the world. We both feel the same way with this one. We feel comforted in knowing that the lord wont give us more than we can handle and even though sometimes I feel like I can't do it anymore, I pull through. We have always made it through everything. Lucy is going to be a great big sister, and we are going to be thrilled with whatever comes boy or girl. We are just praying for a healthy baby, and if it isn't, then we will still feel blessed.
So until tomorrow...


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Keep us posted! You guys and Lucy are amazing and inspiring! I can't wait to find out the news! Love you! I really do!

M. Harrison said...

You guys are great parents and we are just so excited to find out what you are having too! I never knew the internal struggle that an ultrasound could produce until having Shaelynn. You're eyes are definitely opened to all of the scary things, but it is such an exciting day too. Heavenly Father is very much aware of you and loves you and knows of your fears, and he will be there every step of the way with you. Love you tons!! You are probably going to prove those heart rate statistics wrong when you find out it's a boy! :)