Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm writing this from my new iPad!!! Tyler traded in my MacBook for this and basically paid nothing and I love it! It's pretty Perfect for me since I really do is check mail and Facebook And such so I really don't need anything fancy, but this is kinda fancy lol. It's been a really great birthday so far. Yesterday he took me out to lunch at red robin and then he went shopping with maw to buy a new swim suit, which I finally found one that I love! The he invited his brother and wife down from Rexburg and my best friend, Michelle down for pizza, games, and cake. We had a blast! And tonight my brother Russ and his family are coming down a day early from Montana to take me out for my birthday! I have really felt special this year. Then after all the birthday festivities are over it's time to head to bear lake for our family reunion!! The next post will be some pictures of the last month since I finally have a computer. Love you all and thanks to for all the birthday wishes!!!!!

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