Friday, May 27, 2011

pregnancy woes

okay, I may have spoke too soon when I said I was feeling great, because fact is, I couldn't keep any of my food down yesterday. Then I went to bed starving for fear of being up all night barfing! So I got up this morning ate my usual cereal and banana, and now I am just laying in bed waiting for it to hit me. Oh I do not enjoy this part of pregnancy, and I was hopeful or maybe wishfully thinking that I wouldn't have to deal with that this time, since I AM almost out of my 1st trimester (eh hem.... TOMORROW) The thing with me though is, when I am nauseous and feeling crappy, I would rather make myself throw up than be miserable. but then I am always hungry and I feel like it is a waste of food, to just eat and then throw it all back up. Lets just say my life is not so glamourous these days. I am so grateful for my husband though. He has been doing most of the cleaning around here, and a lot of the laundry. I feel so useless, and lazy. Hopefully it will all pass soon and i can just wear my belly proud!


Kayla Conover said...

I will be 14 weeks tomorrow too! That is so funny. I wonder why our due dates are different.

Bonnie said...

oh... haha.. no I will be 13 weeks.