Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cupcakes and Charity

I had a busy day today. Cleaned house, folded laundry, Did a load of dishes (by hand) and did a little charity work!

Yep, That is 3 big bags of clothes we haven't worn in a year!!! So they went to the DI

And then I made these delectable Cupcakes!

Don't worry, They are FULL of calories!

And this little one was tugging on my apron through the WHOLE process!!

Happy EASTER!!!


HandsomeRob said...

Maybe there was something in the air yesterday because I got rid of a few bags of clothes/stuff for Goodwill too.
By the way I love Lucy's Easter dress!

Steve n' Michelle said...

Happy Easter guys. What a day of cleaning! Doesn't it feel good when you do it makes you feel like you've really accomplished an amazing feat for the day.