Monday, November 30, 2009

Tree or not?

I need some advice. Well, more like I need someone to make a decision for me.
This is the first Christmas where we have actually been financially "okay" so we have actually gotten presents for each other and others. Since we went out shopping on "Black Friday", I had to wrap everything, so we wouldn't use/wear our presents. So now we have quite a few nicely wrapped boxes, and they look so lonely with out a tree. :( I have never bought a tree before, live or fake. So I have no idea what the cost is. Also, we have like NO ornaments. We do have lights though. As long as I can remember, My parents have always had real trees, so that is what I am use to. I LOVE the pine smell at Christmas time. And there is still 18 days till we head to Bellingham. And I really want to get some sort of tree to put all the gifts under. But is it worth it since we wont even be home during the actual week of Christmas? Let me know what you all think. Thanks! Happy Holidays!!!


Chyla Mashelle said...

If you need a tree I still have michelle's fake tree in my storage unit. I don't know the next time you'll be in salt lake...but that's an option that way you only have to worry about getting ornaments...Let me know

Bonnie said...

Chyla, That would solve my problem, but We wont be heading down there till Jan. Booo! Thanks for the offer though! Merry Christmas!!

Piper_and_us said...

We had some friends gowing up that put the presents under thier stuffed cougar. Find something that has special meaning and put it on an end table and the presents beneith it. We bought our tree after Christmas and got 75% off. That is the only way to get an affordable one. Good Luck!

Soren and Sandy said...

You definitely need a tree for little Lucy! Wal-mart's fresh ones are pretty cheap...we got a nice big one for like 25-30 bucks last year. Or you could buy a fake one...but I don't do fake ones so I can't help you there. You must get one though!

Kayla Conover said...

We are going to skip out on a tree this year I think and get a fake one after christmas really cheap and also ornaments and stuff. For this year you could just buy a small real one and then after christmas get a fake one. I love real trees but I think its cheaper to get a fake one you keep forever, just get a tree candle so you can have the smell :)

Chris, Lori and Morgan said...

Tree tree tree! =) Personally it doesn't feel like Christmas to me until the tree is up...but that's just me! I have seen already cut trees at the tree lots for under $20 and you can always string popcorn and put lights on it if you don't have ornaments...the lights are the best part anyway! =)

Annelise and Boyd said...

Check out my page! :-D You can see my tree!
I vote YES to a tree! I would say go for a fake one because you dont have to take care of it especailly with taking off for the holidays. I am a fan of real trees and so is boyd but we're so glad we dont have one. It's hard being in an apartment and although there isnt a lot of storage in an apartment to store a tree all year, its worth it when you consider the fact that you dont have to fork out money every year for a tree, especailly on years you may not have money for one.
Wal-mart has some for $25 and when you decorate them they're actually really nice. Plus to get the pine smell, get a candle! That's what I'm going to do. My sister has some of the Scentsy stuff in her house and it rocks!
Our ornaments came from Walmart ($1each for some totally amazing sparkly ones... i have 5 or 6 of them.) I made a few of them... if you need ideas for making them I have tons! And then the balls we bought in a huge pack of 100 at Sam's Club! They are so incredible plus they're shatter proof so when we have kids they cant break them! Pefect for you with Lucy!
It's Christmas... everyone should have a tree! If you need any more advice let me know! You can do things pretty inexpensivly if you do it right. :-) Love you!
btw... I'd love to help with anything! If you want to meet me in IF sometime I can even go shop with you!

Annelise and Boyd said...

another thing i forgot to say... when you have a house of your own and are going to be there for christmas every year, you can buy real trees! And your fake one will sell really easy to a new married couple! :-)

HandsomeRob said...

Christmas isn't Christmas without a real tree... A real good smelling tree! You said so yourself, and I agree entirely. Go get yourself a beautiful tree, wrap it in all of your beautiful twinkle lights and leave your tree up for as long as your happy heart wants it. A Christmas tree definately brings a special magic with it!
About the ornaments...go to the grocery store and get oranges, lemons, star-fruit...etc. and cut each into round slices, dry them and hang them on the tree. We did that last year! It was fun and surprisingly beautiful. The dry fruit reminds me of stained glass with the lights shining through them! Merry Christmas Bonnie!
It was fun to see you the other week. You looked fabulous. I love your hair!
-Amber Malmberg