Friday, October 9, 2009

you sick, sicky!

Tyler has been pretty sick the last week. Started on sat, came home from work with a fever and a headache. Sunday he stayed home from work, started his sore throat. Monday and Tuesday he had scheduled days off. Feeling a little better so he decided to go back to work on Wed. They sent him home two hours early because he couldn't get through a conversation without coughing and hacking. Yesterday he called in sick again, feeling the worst. Complaining of his ear hurting, I took him to a walk-in clinic. Thank goodness he is insured. Dr says, yep full blown ear infection. the coughing is due to his sinuses draining. Seems that he is getting over that part. So he perscribed two medications. One is Augmenten (antibiotic for ear) and one is extra strength Tylonol with codine, to help him sleep. After waiting at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy for an hour for them to fill them, and listening to him complain about how this was the worst pain EVER, wanting to kill himself. AND then having my daughter scream "NO!!" at me in front of 20 people, and then continuing to throw her rediculous fit, we finally got to go home. Tyler took his meds, and a bath. And I put my two BABIES to bed, and finally got some peace and quiet.

This morning Tyler wakes up looking like this....

Eyes are not looking like they are suppose to. So I get on the phone calling everyone I can imagine hoping that this isn't an allergic reaction to Penicillin. Finally talked to the nurse who saw him yesterday, and she tells me to give him some Benedryl and watch him. Ugh... Tyler feels like such a druggie. And I feel stretched so thin. Being a Mom is hard. I am just praying Lucy bypasses his sickness. I can't handle anymore of the snot, flem, gross tissues, and hand sanitizing. AHHHHH!!!!

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