Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7 Months!!

Well in a week he will be. Look at my handsome BOY!!

Oh Kasen, he is such a love. I just can't stand how cute he is. 

I never want him to grow up. 

He had his check up yesterday and Doctor says he is perfect!

Weight: 18lb 14oz - 61%
Height: 27'' - 54%
Head Circ; 17 1/4'' - 40%

He can roll over from front to back. 
He self soothes himself to sleep
He is content almost all the time
He thinks Jake and Lucy are the funniest
He loves to be with them doing whatever they are doing.
He is sleeping 12 hours at night
His favorite foods are squash, sweet potatoes,
Bananas, pears, applesauce and rice cereal.
He thinks its fun to just let me hold his bottle, so lazy!

We love this boy and we are so happy that he is apart of our family!!

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