Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today we went out to Swore Farms to get a few pumpkins

I can't believe how OLD my little girl looks in this picture!

Jake loved all the orange balls! He has never seen anything like it before....

This is Jake's famous face. He saw that I was holding the camera... he is already cheesy!! I just love this boy

He fell over at the farm and scraped his nose a little.

Here is Lucy painting her pumpkin.

Looks a lot like last years! (heh heh)

And Jake, walking around with Dora.


Katelyn Haas said...

so fun!! cant believe how big they are getting. poor jake and his nose! :) crazy he has all those teeth!

M. Harrison said...

love you guys. It is good to see your kids and how cute they are. I think that you should let Lucy dig in the pumpkin guts next year. There is nothing like carving pumpkins and getting goo everywhere. I am looking forward to it tomorrow night.