Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am sitting here waiting for my next class, and I started thinking about my life. Sometimes things don't go according to what you had planned, but sometimes they go even better! Remember my post last february, when I hated life. I had just lost a baby and I was majorly depressed and didn't understand why I had to go through that, "why me?". But as I sit here I am honestly so grateful for my life and how everything has worked out.
I have an awesome husband, who is learning more everyday how to be a better father and husband, and he is so great. I love to watch him with Lucy. He lays on the couch and watches her shows, or he plays ball with her. No matter what he is doing he will stop and listen to what she has to say, he is always so kind and patient. During this pregnancy he has really picked up my slack around the house, he does the dishes, takes out the garbage, cleans up whatever mess In the living room, and helps Lucy clean up her toys, just so I don't have to stress about it. Since I am in school he is also helping me with studying and homework too. He is just amazing. We are nearing our anniversary of our first date, and I am just filled with so much love for him. This whole thing started 5 years ago!!
As I am typing this blog I can feel little baby boy moving inside of me. There is no better feeling in the world. I already love him so much, I seriously feel like this was the perfect time for him to come into our lives. I tell you what, the lord knows what he is doing after all :). He is going to be so loved. He has the best big sister in the world who cannot wait to hold him and kiss on him. He has the best 4 grandparents, and so many aunts and uncles that are going to love him. And a mommy and daddy that are so filled with joy that it's ridiculous!
5 years ago I would have never imagined my life turning out this way, but I would not change it for the world. I am so in love with my family, and I don't think they hear that enough. They have been putting up with my crazy hormone changes and being so supportive to me. I am just so grateful to everyone in my life....

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