Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Wish List

I cannot believe I am going to be 24!! That means in only 4 years I have my high school
reunion... I feel so old. But I bet I don't feel as old as my siblings. haha... They probably can't believe their baby sister is getting old.

So this list is more for my husband than anyone else. He has a hard time when it comes to birthdays... mostly mine. So this year I thought I would come up with some ideas for him.

These are not in any sort of order.

1. Ti Creative chrome hair styling Iron from this web sight

2. A new iPod touch (8gb)
3. A Pedicure (with you)+ hair cut

4. Friends Complete series on DVD which you can buy here
5. Jewelry is always nice

6. Gift cards are also ok (though I would like to be surprised on my birthday)

There you have it. These are all pretty pricey, but since we are making up for 4 years here... haha. just kidding Tyler! Anything you do or get for me I will love, even if it isn't from this list. These are just IDEAS to make your life easier. Love you!


Anonymous said...

How about I pick you a dandelion?

Liz said...

i bet you can't wait 'til next year when you're halfway to 50! haha