Monday, March 31, 2008

A busy day

People have been saying that we need to write stuff, what stuff I am not really sure. Not much happens in our lives. Tyler goes to school and work. I stay home, clean, cook and play with my daughter. Our lives sound pretty darn exciting eh?

Well today we actually attacked our closet again, I couldn't believe the progress we made. I wish we would've done all of this a year ago! We also invested in those space saver bags....they are AMAZING! I can't believe how much more room we have! And I have packed 4 boxes. After taking down all of our pictures on the wall,  our place is looking more and more empty. It's a good thing to move, but I am also sad. This place is Tyler and I's first place together. It will be sad to leave. But I am so happy to be moving into a bigger apartment for sure! 

Shane and his friends came over tonight to chat for a bit. It's always nice to see him. This Friday Lucy has 2 Dr appointments in Salt Lake, so we are headed down Thursday night. Cameron, Tyler's brother also flies in that day so we will pick him up and bring him home with us. i will probably write again after we get back from Utah to let you all know how our little one is doing. Love you all!

-B Haas

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